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Certain .ods files won't open on Onlyoffice

When I try to open certain .ods files in Onlyoffice it gives following error: ‘An error has occured while opening the file’. When I open that file with MS Office it is opened without any issues. Now I don’t know why the files isn’t opening in Onlyoffice. So, I tried creating ods file using MS Excel and then uploading and opening which opens without any issues. Now I just want to know what can be the reason for that certain ods file to not open. Is there any way through which I can know what can be the issue with the file OR what’s causing the error? G-Drive link to file. File downloaded from File example website.

Hello @akshaySiccura
I have checked provided file with Document server v.7.1.1 and Desktop editors (the same version). I didn’t find any issues.
Please let us know your product version and provide us with details about the situation.