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Centrally Disabling Auto-Updates across a fleet of Windows Machines


we run OnlyOffice in a shared desktop environment with Windows Roaming Profiles and about 200 Users. They do not have admin rights on the machines.

We would like to prevent the Update Popup from appearing, since the users don’t have the permission to update anyway.
Every user could tweak this setting themselves in the settings (“Check for Updates automatically” → Never), but we want to set this centrally.

We could change a file, set a registry key, deploy GPOs, even block a DNS request… But I can’t find where this setting is reflected in the file system. I’ve found %LocalAppData%\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\data\settings.xml but it’s empty and doesn’t seem to be documented.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

OS version: Windows 10
App version: 7.1.0
Downloaded from: chocolatey

Hello @blablub44
Probably you can set it in Registry:
Set the CheckForUpdates parameter to 0.

Please let me know if this solution is suitable for you or provide us with details of desired scenario.