Cells locked are not locked in some sheets contains pivot tables

Xlsm file imported in Nextcloud, opened with OnlyOffice, are not editable.
Converted in xlsx with 3dots menu function “convert in ONLYOFFICE” it became editable but blocked cells in some sheets are not blocked!

Nextcloud 26.0.3 docker
Openoffice docker

it seems only on sheets contain pivot tables

Hello @calandra90

Can you run a test? If you still have a copy of original xlsm file, please go to the settings of ONLYOFFICE connector app, in the Common Settings section make sure that xlsm is eligible to be opened by Document Server by default, if it is not then check it and save the settings, upload a copy of the file to Nextcloud and try to open it again.
Let me know if it makes any difference to open it that way instead of converting it.

Hi Constantine…xlsm option was already enable

Is it possible to provide a file itself to run some tests with it?
Also, provide version of the connector app.

Nextcloud 26.0.3 docker
Openoffice docker

Hi Constantine
cannot attach file… i’m new user! :frowning:

original xlsm = https://temp-file.org/1s2lQT790hxF5FN/file
and onlyoffice converted xlsx = Temp File — Download — WEEKLY_BASE_italiano.xlsx

thanks in advance

Please provide an example of cells range that can be clicked even though it shouldn’t be.
Just briefly checked the XLSM and it seems fine to me.

png 1: sheets MONDAY, cell blocked, sheet blocked, i try to write cell C3
png 2: cell writed!!

png 1 Temp File — Download — 1.png
png 2 Temp File — Download — 2.png

Thank you. We will check the situation and I will inform you when we get any results.

We have found out that the behavior with possibility to edit protected cells in XLSM file is a bug. It was registered in our internal tracking system and we have started working on it.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks Constantine!!

i confirm that with bug is fixed

thanks to all

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