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Can't see installed fonts


I’m using OnlyOffice Desktop v6.4.1.46 for windows. I’m having trouble with adding new fonts.

Onlyoffice (downloaded from your official site) and my system are installed on C: (i have multiple drives).
My fonts are in C:\Windows\Fonts and they are visible in other text editors. But they do not appear in the fonts dropdown in OnlyOffice document (or any other OnlyOffice editor).

Is there any specific operation i’m missing to allow OnlyOffice to access my installed fonts ?


Please provide us with the font in question (.ttf/.ttc files) so we can investigate this issue further.

Also - please specify the version of Windows OS you are using.

Best regards.

thank you for your reply!

Just to be clear i can’t see any of the fonts i installed, not just one in particular. However here are some of the ones i’d like to use in Only office. (i don’t know how to join a font file to my reply, however i can find where i downloaded them).

I’m using windows 10 pro v21H1.

(some of) the fonts :

they are all installed in .ttf format


Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this issue. Could you provide us with a step-by-step video example of you reproducing it from scratch using one of the fonts you mentioned?

Best regards.

I’m affraid i can’t capture my screen although i can provide screenshots and a step by step description of what i did.

First i made sure Only office is closed, then downloaded the font from dafont (Pirate scroll for instance), then extracted the font in my download folder using winrar. Double clicked it and then clicked Install (“Installer” since my computer is in french, if it matters)

Then launched OnlyOffice, created a new document in the “create new” section. Finally i check in the fonts dropdown and the font isn’t there.

I can only add one picture but i check in inkscape and gimp and the font “PIRATE SCROLL” is listed in the dropdown menu.

Is it possible that the language the computer is in mess with the path of the fonts and Only Office might have trouble accessing it ?