Can't save document on network drive, no warning

Lenovo W580
Spiral Linux (Debian)
OnlyOffice installed using Gnome Software (Flatpak)
Networkdrive on Open Media Vault

When I save a document from OnlyOffice onto a network drive, I momentarily see the spinning graphics for saving the document and I can close the document without warning, which suggests that OnlyOffice thinks that the document is saved or doesn’t catch an error.

When I reopen the document with the same instance of OnlyOffice, the changes hasn’t been saved. I can repeat this error on my system.

If it’s a permission issue or other kind of access issue, OnlyOffice should warn that there was an issue saving and not close the document without warning.

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Hey @FrederikSchack :handshake:

Thank you for providing the issue report. I have escalated the problem to our development team.

Once I receive additional information regarding this issue, I will notify you within this post.

Thank you!

Hello @FrederikSchack
I will step to this thread too.
We have found a bug in the described scenario. We have started working on it.
Thank you for valuable data!

I just started working on Ubuntu 22 LTS and after a short trial with LibreOffice, I found OnlyOffice being more appealing, especially, after using MS Office before.

To access my OneDrive files in the cloud, I am using OneDriver. I think its just mapping them as a network drive.

After editing Excel files stored on OneDrive(r) for a couple of hours and frequently pressing the save button, I was shocked that nothing got saved.

Googling for “not saved OnlyOffice” gave a lot of matches…

Are you able to fix this?

Hello @matt
Please create a separate topic and provide us with additional details on the situation. We need to know the exact product that you are using (Desktop Editors, Personal Cloud, Workspace) and its version. Additionally, let us know how exactly you connected ONLYOFFICE to OneDrive.

This very thread described different situation with network drive, I believe it’s better to create separate topic, so as not to get confused.