Can't save document on network drive, no warning

Lenovo W580
Spiral Linux (Debian)
OnlyOffice installed using Gnome Software (Flatpak)
Networkdrive on Open Media Vault

When I save a document from OnlyOffice onto a network drive, I momentarily see the spinning graphics for saving the document and I can close the document without warning, which suggests that OnlyOffice thinks that the document is saved or doesn’t catch an error.

When I reopen the document with the same instance of OnlyOffice, the changes hasn’t been saved. I can repeat this error on my system.

If it’s a permission issue or other kind of access issue, OnlyOffice should warn that there was an issue saving and not close the document without warning.

Hey @FrederikSchack :handshake:

Thank you for providing the issue report. I have escalated the problem to our development team.

Once I receive additional information regarding this issue, I will notify you within this post.

Thank you!

Hello @FrederikSchack
I will step to this thread too.
We have found a bug in the described scenario. We have started working on it.
Thank you for valuable data!