Can't recover certain docs after update to 8.1.0

After installing the most recent version to Mac, the app started playing up.

I’ve been working on couple important documents and now can’t access them. When I try to open either of these docs through ‘Recent files >> Recover files’, it opens completely different documents instead.

Is there any way to recover these files or find them manually?

Hello @Aleks

Please specify if these documents were opened when you started an update of Desktop Editors.

Do you mean that the opened document has completely different content compared to original document or it misses certain parts of the content?

Yes, these documents were opened when I started doing an update.

And now it weirdly opens different doc which are listed in ‘recent files’ or ‘recover files’.

There are two of them missing which I can not access.

Perhaps there’s a folder where I can try to locate it? I can’t find it…

Thank you for the details. Please specify some more information too:

  • version of your macOS;
  • version of Desktop Editors before the update (if possible, of course);
  • which CPU is used - Intel or Apple Silicon.

We will check this situation with updating process to find out what is the underlying condition to that and what can be done.