Cant read pdf files on desktop

Hey everyone! I’m having a bug here on my desktop, whenever I try to open and read a pdf file, it shows me the error:

[An error occurred during the work with the document. Use the ‘Download as’ option to save the file backup to copy to a drive.]

It happens on the flatpak desktop app, it happens on any browser, firefox or chrome based, idk what to do.

I’ve tried uploading some docs to a G-Drive to see if it was an issue with the storage, but the error still holds. When I download the file, my pc is able to open it no prob, and the Android app can open them all pretty normally.

Please help me figure this out. Does this have something to do with the new pdf features? Did something go wrong with my end of the implementation of 7.5?

OS: Arch (updated this week)
App version: desktop/webapp - v / server 1.2.0
Downloaded from: flathub [flatpak install]

Hi @Aori
Let’s try to figure this out.

  1. Are you using the Desktop editor and opening files in one of the cloud services? Which cloud service is it?

  2. Can I ask you to record a video demonstrating the issue?

  3. Does the problem occur with all files?