Can't open any DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file

My screen record showing an attempt to open the sample document

Thank you for the provided details, we are looking into it.

Have you found the resolution, I am facing the same issue on android , desktop version works ok and sample files also work.

after Preparing to open

I get message

Connection lost the viewer mode is enabled

Than nothing happens, pls suggest the resolution

Hello @pioneer

We are still working on it. Once we get any results, we will update the thread.

Hello @Anyum
We have released v.8.0 for Android. Could you please double-check the situation on the latest version?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply!
After I reinstalled this app on my Android phone (version 8.1.0), all the problems are gone. The files (samples and all of my local files) can be opened and edited. Thank you for working on this bug!

Here’s a screenshot of me trying to create a Word document.

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Hello @Anyum

Thanks for the feedback!