Can't migrate WorkSpace -> Docspace


With Fresh Test community Install

  • Docspace 2.5 install Linux (without Docker)
  • Last Workspace version install (Linux and with another instance on windows)

→ Generate Backup in workspace
→ Download the file “localhost_2024-05-24_10-00-26.tar.gz” on my desktop
→ In Docspace , Go to import and choose “OnlyOffice Workspace”
→ upload the file “localhost_2024-05-24_10-00-26.tar.gz”

The result is “couldn’t parse file …”

In studio.log :

2024-05-24 10:30:57,597 ERROR [58] ASC.Migration.Core.MigrationOperation - System.Exception: Couldn’t parse localhost_2024-05-24_10-00-26.tar archive
—> System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero.
at ASC.Migration.Core.Migrators.Provider.WorkspaceMigrator.ParseUsersAsync()
at ASC.Migration.Core.Migrators.Provider.WorkspaceMigrator.ParseUsersAsync()
at ASC.Migration.Core.Migrators.Provider.WorkspaceMigrator.ParseAsync(Boolean reportProgress)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at ASC.Migration.Core.Migrators.Provider.WorkspaceMigrator.ParseAsync(Boolean reportProg

Other details :
When i compare backup docspace and workspace :
For the table of the database : xml for docspace, SQL request (replace …) for Workspace
Backup from Docspace could be restored without problem in Docpspace (Idem For WorkSpace)

Is it a bug ? a misconfiguration ? Does the “enterprise” version have the same problem ?


I have Docspace 2.5.0. I just see the last version is 2.5.1 .
i 'm going try with this last version.

It 's the same problem with docspace 2.5.1 (community)
and Workspace (12.6.1258 in aboout and 24.02.802 for the install downloaded).

Hello @NetCHP

Do I understand correctly that you are trying to import data from Workspace into DocSpace? If so, please see official documentation on this process:

Do you see any error in the DocSpace interface when after uploading backup for data import? If there is an error, please create a screenshot of it to share.