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Can't delete a single multitenancy instances

On a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM I installed Onlyoffice Workspace Community Ver. executed via script to which at runtime I answered with Y (Docker).

I am using the multitenancy function to create and manage multiple Onlyoffice instances with a single installation.
Unfortunately, I am no longer able to delete tenancy instances after creating them.
Could you tell me a method to be able to delete one or more instances that I no longer use?
Thank you.

Hello @maxbon

What exactly did you face? If you need to delete instance, you have to login to necessary one and go to portal settings. Please check out this guide:

If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

NB! We strongly recommend to prepare whole server backup before any server side actions\portal removing. If something goes wrong, you will be able to rollback to current state quickly.

Hi Alexandre,
I have read the guide that you have indicated to me, but in my installation of Onlyoffice Workspace I do not find anywhere the screen from where I can disable and or remove a portal.
In the guide there is a Screnshot that is different from mine that I am attaching below.

Hello @maxbon
Sorry for the late reply.
Please run a test. Go to Community server container and run service monoserve restart. Will Data Management option appear in portal settings after this action?

NB! We recommend to prepare whole server backup before any actions just in case.

I have carried out the procedure you indicated, but I cannot find the items: Data Management and Portal Deactivation/Deletion anywhere.
Any other suggestions?
Thank you

Hello @maxbon

Are you using the main portal’s owner account to access the Data Management tab?