Can't connect local nextcloud instance to OnlyOffice Desktop Editors


I have a instance of documentserver configured with 2 Locals servers (Alfresco and Nextcloud) [self-signed certificate used, Linux inside] .
→ Use documentserver (docker install) with these 2 platforms is OK.(it 's working like a charm :grinning:)

I want now to plug OnlyOffice Desktop Editor On Windows with our local nexcloud instance .
But I receive on error message : “Check the cloud office URL” :

Can i have log or any suggestion to find the problem ?


Hello @NetCHP

To have better understanding of your environment please provide next information:

  • version of Document Server and its installation type (Docker, DEB/RPM packages);
  • version of Nextcloud;
  • version of the connector app;
  • version of Desktop Editors.

In general, is it possible to access your Nextcloud from the machine where Desktop Editors app is installed via address that you have used to connect in browser? I.e. on the screenshot the address sample is https://mylocalnextcloud, it works for access via browser?

DocumentServer ( via Docker
NextCloud 27.0.0
OnlyOffice connector on Nextcloud 8.1
Desktop Editors (x64 exe)

https://mylocalnextcloud is Ok via the browser. I can open/modify the documents in nextcloud via OnlyOffice DocServer. Working through the browser is OK
** The self signed certificat for this instance is not yet registred on the Windows PC, so when i open https://mylocalnextcloud with the browser, i have an alert. But after accept the risk, is OK **
Perhaps (or not) the problem is around this self signed certificat ???
How launch Desktop Editors in debug mode or have some logs ?

Please see this guide to run Desktop Editors in debug mode:
Let me know if you find anything.