Can't clear the cache


They use the cloud-based free version of Only office document on the Startup tariff.

Previously, all documents were in only office, later I transferred all my documents to google drive and connected google drive to only office.

When adding files to google drive, the space in ONLY OFFICE increases, but when deleting files from google drive, the space in ONLYOFFICE does not decrease.

How do I clean the cache of deleted files? How else can I free up space?

The total weight of all files when downloading is 4 MB. But in the onlyoffice cloud they occupy 1.07 GB

Hello @GSF
As far as I understand, you are using Workspace Cloud version. Please go to Settings > Statistics > click ‘Recalculate’ button. Please let us know if it solves the situation. If not, please let me know your portal domain name (you can contact me via PM, if it’s sensitive information), we will try to check the situation on our side.