Cannot paste picture (onlyOffice V7.1)

Open the file in onlyOffice,the picture can display

Open the file in MS word, click the picture and press ctrl+c to copy, then paste it to the onlyOffice editor, the picture lost

You can try it with this file
picPasteQ5.docx (25.9 KB)


Now, we can’t paste this image from the Clipboard, but you can save it to your device and
insert it from there, or you can copy the image without text and paste it into the document.

Actual version OO Docs 8.0.1 :wink:

Not necessarily,
I tried that some of image can be paste, but the one in my attachment could not be

This is the screenshot


@LittleZ :saluting_face:

We’ve reproduced the issue with the file you provided and have added it to our tracking system. I’ll notify you as soon as the bug is fixed. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an estimated timeline for the fix at this moment.

Could you please let us know if this issue occurs frequently, or is it specific to the file you attached?

Well, I’m not sure about it :sweat_smile:

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Got it! :handshake:
We have logged the error. I’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this issue.