Cannot open or create files with the Onlyoffice Android app

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Device: Pixel 8 Pro/Graphene
OS version: 14 / Build no 2024031100
App version: 7.5.0-490, 7.5.1-501 (as apk installs), 8.0.0 (Google Play)
Mode: Connect to Cloud / On Device - both

I primarily use the OO Android app to connect to my self-hosted Nextcloud. This has worked on this device since October. However, it often occurs that the app will try to open a file from Nextcloud, show the loading dialog, then switch back to the file picker. This only happened with files that had previously been opened. There was a workaround solution: clear the app’s cache. This now no longer works. Attempting to open any file from Nextcloud or locally, or attempting to create a file locally, will fail as described above.

I noticed this first on the Google Play version this morning. I then uninstalled that and tried the two previous apk versions from the Github page. In each case, it was impossible to open local or cloud files, or to create a new file.

If it’s possible to debug this, please let me know what information you need.

EDIT: Here’s a crash log that Android showed me after I tried to open a file three times quickly in succession:

More info: OO will always fail to open a document first time, but sometimes succeeds in restoring previous changes then opening a document. Unfortunately, at least with a document on my Nextcloud, OO always fails to save. Here’s a video showing what happens. The changes to the text seem to be saved somewhere within OO’s recovery data, but aren’t written to the actual file.

Here’s a video where I try to open a file, which fails. Opening a recovered version then succeeds. I edit the file in OO, and save to Nextcloud. However, navigating to NC shows that the file has not been saved (time stamp is still 3 days ago):

Hello @user-of-file

Please note that we have recently released new version 8.0.1 of the app. Please update the app and check the situation again.