Cannot load the pdf file because of OOM

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Document Server version: 7.4
Browser version: cerfSharp

The file cannot be open via CefSharp. It shows Out of memory.

Also the log as belows:

But the same file can be loaded in chrome and edge brower.


  1. CefSharp is an open-source project for embedding the Chromium web browser in .NET applications

  2. please change the file extension from docx to pdf and then test it , due to not allow to upload pdf file. 600pi1.docx (3.9 MB)

Hello @Jaxine

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested such integrations so we cannot name exact reasons for that. That said, I can recommend to upload your PDF to the integrated test example to see if your Document Server instance can open it in general. If it opens it, then there is possible issue with RAM allocation for your application.

To access integrated test example to go the Document Server address via browser, on opened Welcome Page you will find instruction on how to enable example in the first place, once enabled press GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button and upload your PDF.

By the way, our Desktop Editors are also built on Chromium Embedded Framework. If interested, you can check them out:

Hello @Constantine

May I know if onlyoffice is compatible with cersharp , as only 600pi pdf documents scanned by the scanner will cause OOM.

As I mentioned before, we haven’t tested integration with CefSharp, thus we cannot provide any guarantees.