Cannot fill form in protected docx files

I have two protected docx files, which both contains some forms that I should fill. When I open either of them using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, I get a yellow pop up warning me that the document is protected and thus I can only fill forms. The editor, however, does not allow me to do anything, I can’t even fill the form.
Here are the documents: 212.4 KB file on MEGA
I am using the openSUSE Linux distro, the flatpak version of the Desktop Editors (7.3.3).
Any idea what’s going on?

Hello @Tomoms
How exactly did you create these files? It seems that you created .docxf file > enabled Protection with Read-only parameter and then you saved files in .docx format.
Please provide us with details of these files creations.

Hi @Alexandre , I apologize for my hugely late reply. I did not create these files. I have no control on how they are created. I can only say that MS Word is able to write in the forms as expected.

Understood, we are checking the situation.

Hello @Tomoms
We found a bug in the provided files, we have added your request to internal tracksystem (internal number - 44144). We are working on it already.
Thank you for valuable data!

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Thank you very much! Cheers!