Cannot access DocSpace from newly installed Android app (free account)

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I created a space on Onlyoffice DocSpace that I use on my computer.
I cannot log into this space from the Android app that I installed later. How can I do that?
When I try to use my DocSpace credits, I get “unauthorised request”.
Thank you.

Hi @VincentRC :wave:
Please provide the following information to help us diagnose the issue:

  1. Have you made any recent changes to the security settings?

  2. Can you share a video recording that shows the login problem in the mobile app?

Hello Nikolas,

1- No, I haven’t made any change to security settings.

2- Here are some screenshots (not much to see) :

Thank you for your help.

I apologize for the long wait :hugs:

  1. Are you sure you are correctly entering your existing credits on your mobile device?
  2. After resetting your password and creating a new one, does the problem persist when logging in on your mobile device?
  3. What is the URL of your DocSpace portal?

Hello Nikolas,

Never mind, you don’t need to apologize.

1- Sure, because I use a password manager.
2- I’ll try

Thank you.
Have de nice day/night.

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Hey @VincentRC :saluting_face:


Hello Nikolas,

I won’t have time to do that before this weekend or even next week.
I’ll tell you when it’s done. :wink:

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