Cannot accept tracked changes within a table

I cannot accept and reject tracked changes within a table.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a table.
  2. Turn on tracked changes.
  3. Make an edit in the table.
  4. Try to accept or reject the edit. Observe the edit remains.

OS version: MacOS 11.7.1
App version:

I am experiencing this problem as well, but my table is in the header. If I Accept All Changes, it works, but not if I want to accept the changes individually. Accept changes works in the body without issue. This is a relatively new issue, as I have not experienced in the past.

Hello @doo @aroberts2420

We are aware of this issue. It will be fixed in the upcoming version 7.5 of Desktop Editors.

Hi, was this fixed in the latest release? I did not see the change in the changelogs.

Hello @doo @aroberts2420

Yes, it was fixed. Please update your instance, check the situation again and provide us with the feedback.