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Can you tweak titlebar style?

Is there a way to tweak the look of the titlebar (close, minimize , maximize buttons)?

On Linux the look of titlebar is rather problematic - as Windows style is used (it doesn’t have its own, separate style as MacOS version has.) it looks really off. Would love to get through an extra hoop to make it look better :slight_smile: .

Hello @Przemek

Unfortunately there is no way to customize the look of the title bar in ONLYOFFICE Desktop editors.

We are open to take any suggestions you have.

Thank you for the answer - that’s a shame. So just to make it straight - there’s no way I could for example swap the images used for close / minimize / maximize window buttons? They are the most annoying offenders, the colors are ok.
If you have any ideas how could I contribute to help in making OnlyOffice look better under Linux plz let me know.

Right now no customization for Desktop Editors is available.

To contribute you can share with us a screenshot of the buttons so we can check if they are displayed correctly.

If you’re running the Flatpak version in GNOME. You can run

flatpak run org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors --system-title-bar

And it will open OnlyOffice with Native Window Controls. You can close it, reopen it, and it will keep this configuration.