Can we remove/hide logo and collaboration option from only office

Hi Team,

I want to configure/customize editor to remove logo and collaboration mode option. Can you please specify how it will be achieved.?


Hello @saurabh_arora
Please note that editor customization is possible for server-based solutions (Document server), but not for cloud products such as Personal.
Also some parameters are available only for Developer Edition.
Information about editor customization: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config
Logo:ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config

As for ‘collaboration mode option’, please clarify your request. Do you want to hide whole Collaboration tab?

We would like to hide the entire Collaboration tab, what would we do to achieve this?

Hello @chundley

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide entire Collaboration tab. It was already mentioned that various modifiable settings are described in Customization section: