Can "save copy as" be automated?

I wonder if it is possible to automate the “save copy as” in spreadsheets?

Here is what I would like to achieve:

  1. I have a spreadsheet that is share with only a limited number of users
  2. Every time the spreadsheets changes (or once a day, or when pressing a button) the spreadsheet should be saved as CSV file in the same location
  3. The CSV file should be shared publicly (via a link that does not change).

This way, an OnlyOffice instance in a NextCloud could be used nicely to provide CSV files as open data while working on the spreadsheet is reserved for restricted editors.


Hello @krabina

Unfortunately, there is no way to set up automatic saving as a copy.

However, if you goal is to have a file available publicly, this can be managed with rights.
For example, if the file is shared via external link publicly in read only mode for all users then you can also grant full access rights to specific users that will be maintaining the document. That way document always will be up to date and won’t require an additional save in other format.

Let me know if I’m missing something.

Thank you.
While this sounds interesting, the goal is to have a publicly readable CSV file which is not a good thing to edit.
So editing (by certain users) should be the spreadsheet and reading by anonymous users the CSV output.

So there also also no way to do this via API? (Get a CSV representation of a spreadsheet?)

In general, you can use Conversion API to convert your spreadsheet into CSV.
There is a build-in conversion service included into Document Server package and can be used via POST requests. More about it you can find here:

Example of the request is available down the page: