ONLYOFFICE 7.0: online forms, password protection in sheets, collaboration improvements and much more
ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

Can onlyoffice team confirm this documentation wrong

I see official documentation says this:

but I do some testing, this what I got:

    "key": "OnlyOffice.wordtest.WebHome",
    "status": 6,
    "url": "",
    "changesurl": "",
    "history": { "serverVersion": "6.4.2", "changes": [{ "created": "2021-12-11 06:10:21", "user": { "id": "uid-1639041324340", "name": "WestFarmer (Guest)" } }] },
    "users": ["uid-1639041324340"],
    "actions": [{ "type": 2, "userid": "uid-1639041324340" }],
    "lastsave": "2021-12-11T06:37:42.000Z",
    "forcesavetype": 1

as you can see, url is present when status==6

Hello Fanguogang.

Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We will rewrite this text.

Thank you one more time!