Can onlyoffice cell suppoort range limit when co-editing?

use case:
we need to gather information in our company, 100+ people need to fill a excel file, and some one will merge them to one, then submit to boss. the excel file look the same for all people, they just need to fill the row start with their user id, if we do this via onlyoffice’s co-editing it will be more efficent, but if we can limit user to editing “that row belong to him/her” will be better, so we don’t need to worry my content be messed up by others.

Hello @Fanguogang
Please check it out, I hope it will be useful: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config
But in general, unfortunately there’s no way to achieve your scenario. There are no ways to restrict users from editing concrete lines\cells.
Sorry for inconvenience.