Can Moodle also integrate with DocSpace? (I know it integrates with Docs)

I’ve successfully integrated our Moodle site with a test instance of OnlyOffice Docs. It seems very comprehensive and I need to learn more about building forms in OO in order to make the Assignment plugin very effective.

However, I was thinking it might be even more useful to have DocSpace for collaboration on documents in addition to connecting to a Moodle site. Is this possible?

I logged into the Docker container for onlyoffice when I got a DocSpace demo up and running. I used this command:

> $ sudo docker exec -it [id_of_oo_docker_instance] bash

Then I checked the contents of the JSON file to find a secret key.

> # cat /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json

I used the string next to this:

 "secret": {
    "inbox": {
      "string": [a long string of secret characters]

But when I tried using this string along with the DocSpace URL in the Moodle settings, I got an error when trying to make a Doc activity on the course page. Maybe the DocSpace URL configuration in Moodle needs to be something like:[some API path]

Am I totally out of bounds in trying to do this? I’m really enjoying learning about this software and trying different things, so happy to be guided along or told “that isn’t possible” too.

Thanks to anyone reading/replying. This amazing software may help me escape from the long-time monopolies out there.

ONLYOFFICE-Moodle Connector’s App serves only for connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs with Moodle. There is no Moodle integration available for DocSpace.