Can I use onlyfplace instead of ckeditor?

The current requirement is that a page may have multiple rich text editing areas, which were previously handled using a ckeditor, but were not compatible with MS Word

However, currently, onlyOffice stores files instead of HTML.

Original requirements

  1. I use ‘BlockLvlSdt’ to mark some paragraphs in the document.

  2. I use a rich text editor (ckeditor) to fill in content on the webpage.

  3. Insert the filled in content into ‘BlockLvlSdt’

However, the support for MS Word by the ckeditor is not complete, and there are issues with ordered lists, images, annotations, revisions, formulas, and more.

So I want to use onlyoffice instead of ckeditor

Hello @huzedong2022

I don’t quite understand the idea behind this post. If it is simply to ask whether Document Server can be used or not, then - of course, as long as it helps you achieve your final goal.

If there is something I’m missing, please let me know.

I hope that it can be done without relying on the back-end service and only need to introduce js in the front-end.
These data are json or html
like this:

Please see this article to see how Opening the file works:

Keep in mind that Document Server needs DMS (Document Management System) to work properly, especially when saving the file.