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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Can I update my OS?


A year (or so) ago, I installed OnlyOffice workspace installed via (i.e. in Docker) on Debian 10. I had tried Debian 11, but for some reason that I don’t remember, that didn’t work (back then).

Now I am wondering whether I can upgrade to Debian 11 now or whether that might break something. Can someone confirm please?


Hello @onlywolfe

We cannot be assured that exactly your server will or will not have issues after update.
To make sure that everything will work please follow these simple recommendations for the OS update:

  • before updating server’s OS make a server backup;
  • update server’s OS and check the functionality of the Workspace portal.
    If something is wrong with portal after OS update then you will be able to rollback server to its previous state.

Another possible way is to make both server’s and Workspace portal backups, update server’s OS and then in case of trouble with Workspace portal reinstall it with Docker and after that deploy your portal backup. And of course, if something does not work or work incorrectly you can rollback whole server.

Thank you - I guess that’s always the case with updates.

I was more wondering whether installation under Debian 11 now is possible in general (in which case I would expect the upgrade to work) or not (in which case I would expect the upgrade to break things).

Hello again @onlywolfe

In general - yes, Workspace works correctly on Debian 11.
However, we haven’t tested the scenario with system update, as I said earlier.