Can I export/migrate my email inbox out of ONLYOFFICE?

Hello. I installed the free version of ONLYOFFICE eight months ago with DigitalOcean’s Marketplace Application on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS. I’m currently using Control Panel, Community Server, via Firefox 118.0.1 64-bit.

I have really enjoyed using the Mail tools to centralize my main inbox (Mail Server 1.6.75), but some important emails were slipping through cracks when pulling my mail down from my Runbox accounts. I was using a POP connection to have my mail fill up my ONLYOFFICE server disk space instead of my email account’s disk space. But a few missing emails are forcing me to rethink my email client strategies, and I may need to switch my primary email client again.

Is there any way for me to export, migrate, or transfer my inbox messages out of ONLYOFFICE? Can I push them into another account via an IMAP connection (e.g. moving messages to an IMAP folder directly linked to Runbox)? Or can I download my inbox for import into an email client on my local computer?

If not… Does that mean that all of the emails I downloaded to my ONLYOFFICE Workspace are ~trapped on this platform? Will I need to forward [individual] emails that I want to copy/move elsewhere? In decades of managing my inboxes, I’ve never felt stuck like this before. But I’m torn because I love your software. Thanks so much!

Hello @rockhoppers
Do I understand it right that you are using Mail server and you have added external mail account (Runbox account?)? And in this scenario, some of mails for your Runbox account have been missed? If it’s possible, please describe the situation as detailed as possible (you can make screenshots).

I was pulling my external Runbox account mail down via POP into ONLYOffice. I don’t have any screenshots, etc, because my problems occurred a couple of months ago. I believe I was failing to receive automated emails required for a domain transfer (away from HostPapa). I ended up disabling that Runbox account in ONLYOffice, and then my next domain transfer request showed up in my inbox tools within

But is there any way for me to export the 1,000s of emails that I already downloaded into ONLYOffice?

[Sorry for my delayed response!-]

P.S. I thought I had deleted more mail from my Runbox inbox, stranding those email copies on my ONLYOffice server. But after closer analysis, it seems I did not delete those original copies. So I am not trapped like I thought, but it would be great to have options to migrate inbox contents out of ONLYOffice. Thanks!

We are glad that there was no critical issue. As for mails export, we are checking the situation.

Hello @rockhoppers
Unfortunately, there’s no export mails feature.