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Call back problem of save file or auto save file

according to api html demo , copy word edit html code,the documentserver can call back my setting url with json data status { status :1 },but when i click save button , the document server never send callback to my application with savestatus { status 2},why ? :rofl:

my demo code :

open broswer appilication receiv callback :rofl:

at the /var/log/onlyoffice/ file ,I monitor all the logs , but ,it’s not produce log any more ,please help :joy:
Document Server version:max version
Type of installation of the Document Server :rpm by yum install
OS:centos 7
Browser version: chrom

oh,i has got the document server staus 2 for 10 ms after, how to send my custom json ,when the document server call back my appliation ?

Please look at these articles:

Status 2 is sent by the Document Server usually in 10-15 seconds (5 sec save delay + conversion time depending on document complexity) after the last user closes the editor in the browser.

If you use forcesave, Document Server will send status 6.

thank you bro