Calendar is very slow

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Browser version: Vivaldi 6.1.3035.302 on Mac OS Ventura 13.5


When i enter items or modify them in our calendar, this often takes forever to save them and display the calendar again. I could cope with it when it’s only for one or two changes at once, but we use it to plan our meetings over several month and I have to enter/ modify sometimes 30-40 occurences. So this work will take 3-4 times longer than it should.
Is there anything I can do on my side ?
To me it looks more like a server issue…
Thanks for the help.

Hello @Alain
Please clarify the exact product which you are using. Workspace, am I right? Do you use cloud version or self-hosted one? Also, if it’s possible, please record a video file while you are reproducing the situation.

Hello @Alexandre,
Thanks for your reply that I only saw today.
We are using the cloud solution

I tried it again today to make the video and it has never worked so fast for month. :smiley:
Still some changes will require about 8-10 sec.
Here is a short video showing the difference between different actions.
I might add that I’ve had the impression that the first changes and evant adding are always faster and it’s getting slower when i do quite a lot of them in a row.
Many Thanks for the help !

Hello @Alain
Thank you for provided video file. I’ve tried to reproduce the situation on my test portal (Workspace Cloud), but without success. Is it possible to provide us with a test account to your portal where we can try to reproduce the situation? If so, you can contact me via PM.