Cached documents get no updates from file changes outside OO editor

So when I open a doc at first, it gets downloaded but on the renders, after that, the doc’s key doesn’t let me download the doc again because of cache, I need to add my external updates in the editor but it’s not possible unless I change into a new key on every render. But I can’t do that because I need the comments, chats, collaborations, and other such features which requires the key to be same for a particular doc. Please help me with this as I don’t know where to go from here. I am using the JS api.


It is impossible to co-edit a document opened simultaneously in Document Server and some other editor. If you add some external updates to a file in your storage that is already being edited with the Document Server, you have to re-initialize the editor with a new key so that the Document Server re-downloads the updated file. I’d recommend implementing some kind of file locking so that the file opened in ONLYOFFICE cannot be edited with other tools.