Building Onlyoffice Groups

Community Server/Control Panel version: Onlyoffice Groups (Community Server)
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): building form sournce
OS: Windows Server
Browser version: Chrome

I’m busy building OO Groups from source following this instrcutions:

When everything is compiled and built files are moved to C:\ONLYOFFICE folder,
The script that starts everything up (ManageServices.bat) has the following lines in it:

	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\Radicale.xml
	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\SsoAuth.xml
	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\SocketIO.xml
	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\WebDav.xml
	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\UrlShortener.xml
	call %basepath%\WinSW3.0.0.exe install %grandparent%\run\Thumb.xml

All of those .xml files are missing. So not everything starts up properly.

Where do I find those missing .xml files?


I modified the ASC.Web.Studio\web.connections.config file and mysql password field was empty, so I put in the password. That made a small progress. now opens up.

But if I click Continue" or “Change it”, I get those errors:

How would I go about fixing this?

I got past the above issue by installing Redis server. I still have the issue though with missing .xml files. Where do I get them?

Hello @taran
We are checking the described situation. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Thanks you!

Hello @taran
We have found a bug in the described scenario. We are going to fix it with Community server v.12.6 release.
Thank you for pointing us to this situation! I will update this thread when we release v.12.6

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@Alexandre When is 12.6 coming out?

Hello @taran

Unfortunately, we do not have any time frames yet.

If you do not have the time frame, can you give some clues on how to manually fix the issues? Because some of those services not starting up, I’m having issues where Documents do not work. I can not create a new document, I can not edit dample documents, it just throws 404 error Page not Found when I click on any sample document with the following linke:

We need some time to figure out if there’s workaround solution, while we are working on the v.12.6. I will update this thread as soon as we have checked it out.

Update: unfortunately, there’s no workaround solution. In this situation we recommend waiting for the v.12.6 release.
Sorry for inconvenience.