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[Bug] When printing sheets as PDF https-links are not clickable (mailto-links are)

Some cells in one of my sheets have regular https links in them. When I click them I expect to be taken to the linked page. This works online but not when I print the sheet as PDF. For some reason this only works with mailto://-links.

Unclickable URL in PDF files is not a bug, but a missing feature of our PDF viewer. If you open such file with any other PDF viewer, you will see that the URL is clickable. We have it registered in our internal tracker (#23458). Unfortunately, I cannot specify any time frames of when it is going to be implemented. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If I open this file with Adobe PDF or the internal PDF viewer of Chromium based browsers the links are not clickable, either.

Please specify the version of the Document Server you are using and provide an example spreadsheet file so we could reproduce the issue on our side.

Here is an example spreadsheet. After playing around a bit I was able to get some links to work but not others.

The document server version that is used at this website is not the current one.
I’d recommend installing a current version (6.4.2) and try to reproduce the issue there.

Is there a publicly available server where I can try?

You can register at for free to test it out.

We are licensing OnlyOffice integrated in OpenOlat at Hamburg University. Our users reported on this missing feature / bug. Will links in PDFs when viewed within OnlyOffice be working in the near future?

I reproduced the issue on your current version within the personal-onlyoffice-cloud.

Hello Angela,
Sorry, we still haven’t added this feature to PDF viewer. I’m afraid I still cannot specify any time frames.

Good day.
The feature has been added in the latest update of Document Server.