[Bug] Some formulas are not updated when copying sheet + 2 others bugs


I’d like to report some bugs and a behaviour difference with Excel.
OS version: Windows 10 21H2
App version: OnlyOffice Desktop v7.0.0.127
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

#1 Formula’s using the same sheet table name are not updated when copying sheet

I have a sheet with a table. Next to the table, I have this formula using the table name, eg :

When I copy the sheet, a new name is given to the table,
Eg “Table1”

But the cell with formula referencing the table on the same sheet is not updated.
The cell’s formula is still :

Whereas I would expect the same sheet table name to be updated, eg:

#2 Column name using ’ (apostrophe) are handled differently with Excel, breaking compatibility

I have a table using an apostrophe in a column name: “Nb d’heures” (Nb of Hours).

When referencing to this column, ONLYOFFICE use the exact name:
=SUM(Table[Nb d'heures])

But Excel uses a double apostrophe to reference the same column in formulas:
=SUM(Table[Nb d''heures])

If I edit this formula in ONLYOFFICE, an error is produced:
Screenshot_2022-03-02 11_47_29-ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

If I fix the formulas to have only one apostrophe, Excel doesn’t recognize anymore this reference :

Screenshot showing #REF instead of formula’s result
Formulas using the single apostrophe have been changed by Excel in =SUM(#REF!) the formulas are lost :frowning:

#3 Renaming a Table name is not working

I tried to rename a table name in the Name Manager, I can edit the name, but when I click OK, the name is not changed.

Thanks for your attention and big thanks for your work on ONLYOFFICE!

Hello @Thomas
Could you please provide us with examples of the files where the issue is reproducible for each situation, so we will check them out. If it’s possible, please also record a short demonstration for each situation.