Bug report: =table doesn't work

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I want to report the following bug. See the steps (1. 2. and 3.)
Tested on windows 11 and mac OS13.

So here is a picture that describes the bug:

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Hello @Michael1

Do I understand correctly that between steps 1 and 2 you are also defying a name for selected cells array, i.e. by selecting array of cell, right-clicking it and using Define name option?


thanks for the response. No, I didn’t defy a name.
All I did is seen in the pic. Works perfectly in excel.

All I want is to “mirror” a table. Works with “=tablename” in excel, but not in onlyoffce.


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Thank you for update. Can you please provide a test spreadsheet with such table for some tests?

Thanks for asking. Here is the testsheet:

Cause I am a new user, I had to use an extern upload-service.

Thank you for the file. Indeed, it is named range added with File tab > Format as table template and it can be found in Name manager.

We are aware of this issue, so I am adding your query to it. Your interest is much appreciated.