[Bug Report] Attempting to close window while document is saving on Windows 10

OS version: Windows 10 21H1
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

I am opening this topic to report a bug for the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors.

When I am saving a document, and the application indicates with the spinning icon that it is saving, I have accidentally tried to close the window when the application took longer than expected to save. What will happen after the application finishes saving the changes made to the document, attempting to close the window will not work. Clicking the X button on the top-right of the window will not do anything. I was only able to close the application through Task Manager.

Fortunately, the document is able to save the changes just fine.

Hello @correiascn,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Our team is working on it.
I will keep you posted about the results.
The alternative way to close editors is to close the document tab. The [x] button located near the file name on the top left side of the editors near the ONLYOFFICE logo.

Hello @correiascn,

We have created bug number 53223 in our internal bug tracker.
This bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming versions of the desktop editors.