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[BUG report] AND What's the proper way of reporting bugs on OO?!

We have 3 bugs, very annoying:

One is that we have files whose content disappear.
Second is that date formatting is buggy, false
Third is more specific yet very annoying that formulas SOMME.SI.ENS work fine when created,but when the file is saved , closed and reopened, they do only if the range that is used is in the same spreadsheet, and it truncates parameters… A nightmare to use.

We tried on cloud as well as desktop versions, 7.1 to 7.3, French version

I can send you files to help diagnose.


Hello @gregoryVDV

The best way to report a bug is by creating a thread with detailed information about it. In your case, please make a separate threads for each of your reports.

For each case please specify the product in which issue is reproducible, version of it and installation type, e.g. Document Server 7.2.2 Docker. As for the issue itself - provide detailed information about it:

  • Step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce it;
  • Make reference screenshots or record a video demonstration of it;
  • Attach test files with which the issue is reproducible (if any).

Note that you may be asked to provide even more information in the process depending on the complexity of the issue.

alright, will do.
In which section though since it’s bugs that occur in both use (cloud and desktop)

Hello again @gregoryVDV

Please use category Docs or Desktop. Either way you can just state in the thread itself that the issue is reproducible on both Desktop Editors and Document Server.

Cloud category is used for the cloud-based products, e.g. ONLYOFFICE Personal.