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Bug - Presentation - Font size is not updated when the A+ button is clicked with a text-zone is selected

In Presentation, I select a text zone (or a shape with text inside I guess).
I click the A+ button to increase the font size.
The font size increase, but the drop-down list field is not update:

Hello @arcqus

This is expected behavior since this button (also combination Ctrl+]) is used to increase the size of the font for the selected text, that way it updates the value.
However, in your case, you are increasing the font size of a whole text field. Considering the fact that the text field may contain several font sizes and the button will increase them all, to display the updated value to have to click on the text fragment to see its font size.

hi Constantine,

Ok, I understand the logic, but from my standpoint, it’s not fully consistent.
When you have several text-sizes, either you don’t display any font size, or, if you display one, when you use A+/- buttons, you increase/decrease the displayed value.

After a quick look at MSO (online), when there are several text-sezes in a text box, they leave the font-size drop-down list empty. In LO, they display a value that is changed when A+/- is used. I guess that the habit of MSO is why I was surprised by the way OO works… and I still thinks MSO’s way is the more consistent :slight_smile:

Indeed, I’ve checked the behavior in MSO and you are right.
To make sure I will address few questions to dev team and will come back with results.

I want to inform you that we have created bug report number 61520 based on this case.
Thank you very much for pointing to this issue. Our team is working on the fix.

We are sorry for inconvenience caused.

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