BUG: presentation animations: chaotic timeline

Document Server version: 7 4 0 163
*docker onlyoffice/documentserver:latest *
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: debian 11
Browser version: BRAVE 1 56 20

Hi, when an animation is set to ‘After previous’ or ‘With previous’, any change to other animations in the slide causes the ‘Start after X seconds’ to be modified erratically.
It is commun to see a ‘Start after 0 sec’ animation being changed to 60sec for absolutely no reason, especially not the user’s action.

This makes it a real pain to complete an animated presentation.

Adding to this that simply opening the file this Collabora, without modifying anything, breaks EVERY animation timeline or integrity.

Thanks for your concern on this topic

Hello @punkyard

Please update your instance to the actual version 7.4.1-36 and check the situation again.
If the issue persists after the update, share a test presentation so we can analyze it in details. Alternatively, you can record a video-demonstration of the issue we can reproduce it.

updated to (desktop et docs server)

exact same behaviour: when adding an animation element with animation ‘after previous’ changing order or time will bring the Delay to 9, 36, 57 or 60 sec automatically

even when a delay is not set

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue with active animation. Most certainly I am missing something. Can you please record a video demonstration of how to reproduce it in the empty file? Or you can share a step-by-step scenario on how to.

Hello again @punkyard

I’d like to inform you that we received similar report and currently checking the situation.
Once any news in this regard come up, I will update the thread.

We checked the situation and registered a bug based on the provided description.
Thank you for reporting that.