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Bug: OnlyOffice 5.7.1 on Android 12 fails to open any CSV files

Hello, dear developers and contributors!

CSV files fail to open in OnlyOffice 5.7.1 on Android 12 (Samsung Galaxy 10e), no matter how I try to open them (from inside OnlyOffice, from inside my file browser). A dialog for choosing encoding and delimiter appears, then a message about illegal file extension follows.

Files of other types (including DOCX, DOC, TXT, PDF, XLSX) are opened fine.

Technical info from the app:
Api level: 31
App code: 466
App name: 5.7.1
Brand: samsung
Device: beyond0
Device language: русский
Model: SM-G970F
OS version: 4.14.113-25257816
Version release: 12

Hello @Alfozavr

Please provide video demonstration of the issue for better visual understanding of it.
Also, specify if it happens to all CSV files or a particular ones.

Hello, @Constantine!

I tried opening several different CSV files, all of them resulted in an error message.

A screen recording of an attempt to open a CSV file is attached below:

Thank you very much for info.
We are checking the situation. Once any news come up, I will update the thread.

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Hello @Alfozavr

I am very sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to reproduce the issue with default CSV. Is it possible to provide us with the file that you have troubles with for analysis?
Additionally, if there is update for the OS of your device available, please update it to the latest version and check the situation again.

Hello, @Constantine!

There is no update of the application for the OS of my device, the up-to-date version is still the same - 5.7.1.

Here is a link to the CSV file - (this forum doesn’t allow attaching CSV files). I’ve produced the file by opening the XLSX demo file bundled with OnlyOffice Mobile (it is called “ONLYOFFICE Sample Spreadsheets”) and saving it as CSV. This file is opened by OnlyOffice Desktop correctly. The error persists in OnlyOffice Mobile.

Thank you very much for the valuable data.
We are analyzing it. I will provide feedback as soon as we find out anything new.

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