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Bug of PDF preview

I installed linux and windows onlyoffice server for test.
First I think its a fonts problem.
But I also find the PDF preview bug in both environment.

The bug looks like this:

Please help me to find a way to solve this problem, thank you!

The correct effect is like this:

Hello @Kamigawa
I believe we have to take a look at the file from your test. Please provide us with it. Additionally, let us know version of your Document server and point us to the guides which you used.

As far as I understand, you have contacted colleagues of mine via Zendesk and provided them with a test file. Please do not post the same request on different communication channels and stick with Zendesk ticket. They will contact you shortly.

I use the 7.3.3 version of onlyoffice

The test file is in this email,thank you for helping!

As far as I can see, colleagues of mine already contacted you about mentioned situation and registered a bug in our internal tracksystem. Thank you for valuable data, we have started working on it. I will close this thread since main discussion is related to Zendesk ticket.