Bug: Formula categories not shown in Mobile Apps Spreadsheets


there seems to be a Bug In showing formulars if German language and German translation is chosen. The formulars are not shown under the title “Kategorien” (Categories). If I open regional formats and select Deutsch (German) again and sve that, the formula categories are shown so there might be a bug with regional settings in Mobile apps.

Api level: 34
App code: 533
App name: 8.0.1
Brand: samsung
Device: gts9wifi
Device language: Deutsch
Model: SM-X710
OS version: 5.15.123-android13-8-28577532-abX710XXS2BXD2
Version release: 14

I also reinstalled the app, deleted App Cache and installed it on another Android device with the same issue.

Hello, we are currently analyzing the above-mentioned issue, I’ll inform you when I have news.

Hello, we’ve reproduced the above-mentioned problem, it is related to a bug, your request has been added to our bug tracking system