Bug : blank board printing pre-display

OnlyOffice 7.5.4
Nextcloud 24.0.4
Firefox 104.0
Since the version change of Nextcloud and OnlyOffice the print preview of the xlsx and ods tables is empty.
Only borders appear and sometimes some characters
Thank you for your help
a painting


This is a font problem.
Calibri not working
DejaVu, it works

Hello @reunigkozh
Could you please provide us with a test file where the issue reproduces? Did you run your tests with Document server v.7.2? Please clarify your Document server version.

Server YunoHost
Nextcloud 24.0.4
OnlyOffice 7.5.4

By default the font is Calibri but this font does not exist in the different fonts made available in OnlyOffice installed on the Nextcloud

As far as I understand, Yunohost is just a host provider. What is exact OS version?

OnlyOffice 7.5.4

This is connector app version, please let us know your Document server version.
Also would you mind providing us with an example of the file where the issue reproduces?

YunoHost is a distribution based on Debian11 GNU/Linux composed of free software and aiming to facilitate the practice of self-hosting in a broad sense.

Do I understand it right that you shared the file from your Nextcloud portal which is integrated with your Document server where the issue reproduces?
If so, you have outdated Document server:

I have downloaded provided file and checked it out on the latest version (Document server v.7.2). All things are OK.
Please update your Document server.

agree and thank you