[BUG] Artifacts in exported pdf when reading it with Adobe Reader

Hello, I’m using ONLYOFFICE Document editor to write my homework and I’m using the hat symbol from Insert->Equation->Accents menu path. When I’m saving the document as PDF then in Adobe Acrobat Reader I’m getting the artifact that you can see in the attached snapshot.

Each character that has a hat or check symbol has a line from the top left corner of the page. This artifact is displayed only in Adobe’s reader and not in any other pdf reader or Web Browser. How can I solve it?
Thank you in advance!

OS version: Windows 10
App version: 6.4.2
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello aroik.
Thank you for valuable data. We added a bug to our internal tracklist (bug number - 54002) and we started investigation. When solution is found, we will release it as a part of one of the next Document server\Desktop Editors version.
Thank you one more time.

hello @aroik
This issue is fixed in v.7.0.
Please update your Desktop Editor and check the result.

Hello Alexandre,
Thank you for resolving this issue, I can confirm that it works now!
Keep up the good work!

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