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Browser access to documents

Is there a way to access my documents residing on a linux debian server from a browser like the demo on the onlyoffice does? Thank you for any help

Document Server version: 7.8
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: Debian
Browser version: firefox (various), safari, chrome

Hey @ganton
We are glad to welcome you to our forum :wave:t3:

You can share the document by granting access

Public sharing (external link access)
Sharing settings

  • Enable external link access is used to allow sharing files/folders not only with portal users, but also with third-parties using public sharing. This setting is enabled by default.

Please provide more details about your scenario if I misunderstood you!

Thank you for the help but I do not get the actual browser access in the first place to share the file.

@ganton Let’s start over

  1. what do you have (what product do you use)
  2. What do you want to do (describe in more detail)?

Please note, that ONLYOFFICE Document Server includes the document editor , document editing service , document command service , document conversion service and document builder service.
The document manager and document storage service are either included to Community Server or must be implemented by the software integrators which use ONLYOFFICE Document Server on their own server.

ONLYOFFICE Document Server (How it works)

Thanks Nikolas. We have ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition installed.

I would like to access files using a browser like firefox or safari via a URL and have the ability to create and edit documents directly from there.


For this, ONLYOFFICE Workspace is suitable for you.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace Installation Guides