Brochure suggestions 3/22: styles cannot be updated within tables

This is a part of my Post Experience and suggestions with creating a brochure - #2 by Nikolas where I collected my expieriences with Only Office. I was bidden to split my suggestions in single pieces. So here you go:

  1. Paragraph styles cannot be updated within tables (context menu entry missing).
    Context menu in text (first image) and tables (second image):


@ToxyLT :wave:
Please specify in which cases this option would be convenient for you, and we will consider your suggestion.

This brochure, I worked on, consists mainly of a big table over approximately 25 pages. So the main work was done in the table and I realized that I could not save changes in text or paragraph styles or even create new styles. Fortunately I had a few pages outside of the table. I had to copy the text to there and then save the style.

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I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our team. If they have any questions regarding this proposal, I’ll let you know in this thread :upside_down_face:

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We have registered an enhancement suggestion to add “Formatting as Style” to the context menu of a table cell in the Document Editor.

Thank you for your suggestion! :+1: