Brochure suggestions 15/22: manual hyphenation

This is a part of my Post Experience and suggestions with creating a brochure - #2 by Nikolas where I collected my experiences with Only Office. I was bidden to split my suggestions in single pieces. So here you go:


  1. Hyphenation for individual words or paragraphs cannot be set individually (e.g. do not hyphenate the word or hyphenate it elsewhere when automatic hyphenation is wrong).

Hello @ToxyLT
We need specific examples of incorrect hyphenation behavior to address the issue effectively.

I think the hyphenation in OnlyOffice is very good and I don’t remember an “incorrect behavior”. It’s just that I sometimes don’t want a word to be hyphenated, e.g. this web address:
Or when there is enough space and I just would like to not hyphenate a word or would find it prettier to put the hyphen at another position.
“hüge-lig” is another possibility.
It would just be fine, if I had the possibility to intervene.

@ToxyLT :handshake:

We’ll review your suggestion. I’ll follow up with you once we have a decision.

Hey @ToxyLT :wave:
The behavior in our editor aligns with that of MS Word, ensuring compatibility when opening documents in both editors.

Hi Nikolas,
I’m sure that Word has manual hyphenation just as LibreOffice has. If I have time I could check it tomorrow in the office.
This is a screenshot of LibreOffice:

And you can forbid the hyphenation (by pressing “Remove” in menu Tools>Language>Hyphenation):

Hi @ToxyLT :handshake:
We have added your suggestion to include the ability to modify specific words/links in hyphenation settings.

Unfortunately, the timelines for implementation are currently unknown.