Brochure suggestions 14/22: image in a table

This is a part of my Post Experience and suggestions with creating a brochure - #2 by Nikolas where I collected my experiences with Only Office. I was bidden to split my suggestions in single pieces. So here you go:


  1. Images in table cells with text wrapping without circulation, have an empty row in the cell below the image. To reduce this empty space you have to set the line spacing in the paragraph settings to the minimum.

Could you please clarify why these settings would be more convenient for the majority of users?

This is always useful when you have a table cell with only the image and no text inside.
In my case, I had a long table with 2 columns and I wanted to interrupt the long table with an image here and there. Because the table cannot flow around images (my suggestion 2/22), I put in a new row, merged the two columns in this row and inserted an image. It had always the empty row below it like in the picture of my original post.
Example result (after reducing the line spacing):

@ToxyLT :ok_hand:
Thank you for the provided example!
We’ll consider your issue. I’ll get back to you!

Hey @ToxyLT :wave:
The behavior in our editor aligns with that of MS Word, ensuring compatibility when opening documents in both editors.