Brochure suggestions 13/22: images outside table cell

This is a part of my Post Experience and suggestions with creating a brochure - #2 by Nikolas where I collected my experiences with Only Office. I was bidden to split my suggestions in single pieces. So here you go:


  1. Images in table cells, inline (text wrapping “on the character”) are largely outside the cell.
    Here I found the error: As mentioned, I started with an imported document and here the paragraph line spacing was not set:
    As soon as I set the spacing to 1.0, the image fills the table cell completely as supposed.

Hi @ToxyLT

  1. We need a document.
  2. Did you create it in an editor other than OnlyOffice? If so, which one?
  3. Please attach a script that we can use to reproduce the issue.

in making a video, I realized that it has nothing to do with the import of the document, but with the line spacing for the paragraph, which was set to “exactly”.
When you set it to another type like “multiple” the image is visible. See video.
Perhaps this is the intended behavior and I was just irritated because I used this possibly rare setting of “exact line spacing”.

I’ll consult with my colleagues to see if there’s any workaround available for inserting a photo into a cell.

Hey @ToxyLT :wave:
The behavior in our editor aligns with that of MS Word, ensuring compatibility when opening documents in both editors.