Brochure suggestions 10/22: setting right-aligned tab with the mouse

This is a part of my Post Experience and suggestions with creating a brochure - #2 by Nikolas where I collected my experiences with Only Office. I was bidden to split my suggestions in single pieces. So here you go:


  1. A tabulator (right-aligned) cannot be set at the right border of the text space with the mouse (it always vanishes in the moment you touch the right border with the mouse). The only possibility is to set it numerously in the paragraph settings

Can I ask you to record a video for a clearer demonstration of the issue?

Now, that I tried to make this video, I recognized that it must have to do with the margins somehow. In one document it works and in another it doesn’t. Please see the videos.

  1. video with right margin 1.5cm

  2. video with right margin 0.8cm

By clicking on “Horizontal Rulers,” you add a tab position.

To manually adjust the margins, you can drag the slider of the right or left margin.

Yes, I understand how tabs and margins work. But it is so, that you cannot set a right aligned tabulator at the right margin, when the margin is set to 0.8. You can accomplish it, when your margin is set to 1.5. You can see it in my videos.
My guess is that you cannot set the tabulators at any point, but only at certain positions, e.g every 0.25mm. So when the right margin is not set to one of these raster points (in my example it is set to 0.8 and not to 0.75 or 1.0) the tab just falls over the edge of the margin and vanishes into the abyss …
Now that I know this (and hopefully don’t forget it the next time), I could live with this, if it cannot be fixed. I’ll just have to fix the margins to multiples of 0.25 - and they would have been, if I had set them by mouse and not by numbers.

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I didn’t understand at first what was being discussed.

Yes, you can adjust by 0.25 using the mouse.

For non-standard values, you’ll have to manually input them.