Bookmark not returning exact range taht i have added

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I am using below code to fetch document pharagraph text , doing some validations, getting the range and adding as a bookmark. But when user goes to Menu->References->Bookmarks ā†’ Click on bookmark ā†’ GOto Button. Cursor is going to the location but also selecting some additional text which is ahead or later. How to fix this range issue.

window.Asc.plugin.callCommand(function () {
let objTtile18Style = {
  "StyleName": "Tile18",
  "FontName": "Arial",
var oTextPr; var oParaPr;
var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();                                    
//header Test
var totallength = 0;
console.log("Number of elements oDocument : " + oDocument.GetElementsCount());
for(let i=0;i<oDocument.GetElementsCount();i++)
	var ephara=oDocument.GetElement(i);
	var paratext=ephara.GetText();
	var oContentLength = paratext.length;
            oFontName = paratext.GetFontNames();
        } catch(error) { 
        var firstFontName = oFontName ? oFontName[0] : null;

        // Compare the style with the defined style
        if (oStyleName !== objTtile18Style.StyleName || firstFontName !== objTtile18Style.FontName) {
            if (oStyleName !== objTtile18Style.StyleName) {
            if (firstFontName !== objTtile18Style.FontName) {
               // console.log("The first font name '" + firstFontName + "' does not match with the defined font '" + objTtile18Style.FontName + "'. //Content: \"" + oContent + "\"");
                console.log("Content starts at position: " + totallength);
                console.log("Content ends at position: " + (totallength + oContentLength - 1));
				var rangestart= totallength;
				var rangeends = totallength + oContentLength - 1;
					var oRange = oDocument.GetRange(rangestart, rangeends);
					var tt= paratext.toString();
					var nContentControlType = 1;
	                oRange.AddBookmark("Error at :" +paratext);
	console.log("element :" +i  + "oDocument get element:" + paratext);
		}totallength += oContentLength;

Hello @sanjeevareddy.nagire

As I can see you are using quite a math expression to calculate the range. Please try troubleshooting it with GetBookmarkRange method. For instance, check which value your oRange variable have before adding a bookmark and which value is returned afterwards. It would help understanding whether both ranges coincide or not.

However, in general Iā€™d recommend contacting our sales department via to discuss possibilities of detailed code analysis as it may require quite more attention.